Stay Authentic: An Interview With Fashion Bambini

 “you should never have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself..”


Meet Fashion Bambini A.K.A Tara. (IT GIRL)

17-years-old, blogger, vlogger, entrepreneur and full time teen – Tara is certainly making her mark on the first page of her book of life. With a mighty 7.2k following on Instagram and 3.7k subscribers on YouTube she is certainly a name to look out for. Soon enough we’ll be seeing her on the covers of Teen Vogue! Maybe not as soon as tomorrow, but I’d like to think so. I’ve been following Tara for quite some time now – admiring her eccentric authenticity and so I thought it was about time I interviewed her.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a 17 year old girl, born and raised in Sydney’s northern suburbs. Besides fashion, I like sunny and cool days, good music (indie, alternative, jazz, and anything else that sounds nice) and doing what I please!

You’re still a teenager that has to do teen things like eat and sleep and go to school, do you ever find it hard to cope with the blog, shop and YouTube channel?

Yes definitely!! I am definitely not the most ‘balanced’ person you could find, but you just have to make the most of the time you have! Honestly, when I’m busiest at school, I swear that’s when I get most of my blogging/videos/store to-do-lists done!

What influenced the name Fashion Bambini?

It’s kind of lame… I wanted the name ‘fashion children’ but that was taken on youtube so I just google translated children to bambini… the regret is real! haha

Describe your style in 5 words!

Weird, random, funky, basic, myself

How did you begin blogging and what got you into it?

I first started blogging in 2009 under a pseudonym with my sister and my best friend. However, I began my fashion blog in 2013 for a school, extra-curricular ‘Honours Project.’ (it was just an excuse to actually make a fashion blog

You’re style is so unique and eccentric, standing out from the typical materialised outfits, what inspires your style?

Thank you! Honestly, I’m not really sure anymore. It’s usually clothing that catches my eye and I work around that item in my closet.

You’ve mentioned on your blog how much you believe in ‘dressing for yourself’ and being an ‘individual’, tell us a bit about that, why is it that you believe in authentic style?

I think it’s important that people stay true to who they are when expressing this through their style. I believe you should never have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself!

What advice would you give to girls trying to get into blogging and expressing their own style?

Go for it! For blogging, do it for the right reason. Don’t do it because you want people to follow you, you want to be paid, etc.  Do it because you genuinely want to share a part of yourself with the world and you want to blog. Time and time again, you will hear bloggers talking about how when they first started blogging, they found it hard because they were creating content that they thought people would want to read. Create content you would want to read. Create content you are happy with and you enjoy! Also, don’t expect people to notice your blog right in the beginning. Just keep doing your thing and persevere. Over time, if you are constantly updating and posting, people will begin to notice your blog. For expressing your own style, it’s often daunting or confronting at first, stepping out of the norm (if your style is out of the norm). But once you regularly do it, you’ll feel great and true to yourself.

Fashion is a perpetual industry, what’s your definition of fashion?

Fashion is anything you want it to be when placed on your body.

Who/what would you say influenced your style?

I would say the two most influential style icons growing up were my cousin, Jo and my friend, Olivia. I always looked up the way they dressed, taking inspiration from their outfits and trying to incorporate their looks into my own wardrobe. They’re still influential to my style today, however, I think I’ve grown to influence myself with my own preferences.

What’s your fashion mantra!?

I feel like this has been mentioned so many times already, but, dress only for yourself and the weather!

As well as your blog and youtube channel you also have an online store, tell us a bit about that?

Ever since 2008, I have wanted to become an entrepreneur. I made that reality in August 2014 when I started up my online store, Stellar Boutique selling tie dye socks and other handmade goods. It’s grown over the past months and I have a lot more stock!

What are your biggest aspirations right now and where do you see Fashion Bambini in the future?

My ultimate goals is to become a fashion, travel blogger/vlogger. Honestly, it’s quite unrealistic. So I guess I’m just going with the flow and seeing what happens. Same goes with fashion bambini. However, I do hope I continue blogging/ vlogging well into the future!


Favourite piece of clothing: This is too hard! My (fake) leather jacket                 Favourite Fashion event: Fashion Week??                                                                   Favourite Fashion experience: Meeting Nicole Warne at fashion week last year / being featured in Gadis Magazine (an Indonesian magazine!)                           Favourite Fashion friend: Luke Brand (@itslukebrand on Instagram)                 Favourite store: Monki                                                                                                       Favourite Collection: I don’t keep up with this hehe                                                   Favourite thing about blogging: the freedom in what I post and write                 Favourite Fashion idol: Confetti Crowd / Plaaastic

You can check out all Tara’s social media links below!


 Instagram @fashionbambini

YouTube: Fashion Bambini 

Shop: Stellar Boutique




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Interview and writing by Darcy.


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